In Duchess County, NY - 1999
Photographs by Pierce Haviland

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The new Wassaic Station. The concrete platform is in place awaiting tracks and final finishes on 9/11/99

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Just south of the station, looking north. About a quarter of a mile of track needs to be installed on the main line, in addition to the new yard tracks.

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About a mile south of the new station is the village of Wassaic. Metro-North track crews were working hard on 9/11/99 replacing ties.

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The new station at State School, just north of Dover Plains. The concrete platform is in place and the parking lot is ready for paving on 9/11/99

Before the trains could roll again, some of the bridges needed to be refurbished. This trestle over the 10 Mile River was one of them.

End of the line! The new Wassaic station is about a half mile north of here. The rails will be extended soon, and signals installed.

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