Extending The Harlem Line
Photographs by "asterix"

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tenmileriver.jpg (98735 bytes)

Looking south from Sinpatch Road is the Tenmileriver Station, located near the State School.. There is a small parking lot here.

Wassaic platform1.jpg (91588 bytes)

A view towards Grand Central, 82 miles to the south, from the new Wassaic Station. A large parking facility is on the other side of the station.

Wassaic Platform2.jpg (90925 bytes)

Just north of the Wassaic Station is a small yard and service facility.

Wassaic runaround1.jpg (104456 bytes)

Thanks again to
an engineer who always has his camera ready!

Wassaic facility1.jpg (95521 bytes)

On the north end of the yard is room to allow engines to run around a train. This will accomodate Metro-North's inspection train and perhaps a small freight in the future?

Two modest modular units will provide facilities for train crews and mechanical forces.


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Last updated November 10, 2010